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English Publications

The Times of the Gentiles

The Times of the Gentiles
(formerly the BIG Picture of Daniel)
by M A Butler BA MRE BD

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Any honest Amillennialist dare not read this book.

If he does he will no longer believe the Amillennial lie.

Packed full of hard Biblical and historical evidence, there can only be one conclusion:

Israel is the Key to all Bible Prophecy! 

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My House Shall Be Built

My House shall be Built is our 128 page booklet on the amazing prophecy Zechariah.

It covers Zechariah's Eight Visions and Zechariah's Five Messages, and includes graphics and charts, as well as historical background information.

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Russia & Islam


Russia is increasingly identifying with Islamic nations and it might surprise you to know that that is exactly what Bible Prophecy says will happen right at the end of the age, in the Great Tribulation, just before Christ returns. Russia and Islam will invade Israel. But even more startling is the fact that the Rapture of Christians must occur BEFORE the Russian invasion.

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Britain and USA


Study No. 7 of the Herald of Hope Prophecy Series

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The Rapture

The Rapture of Christians will be sudden and take the world by surprise.

When the trump of God sounds, every believer will disappear to be with Christ.
Loved ones who have died “in Christ” will reunite with living saints in resurrection bodies and those left behind will face a global holocaust in a world dominated by Satan.
This book shows how we can escape the coming day of God’s wrath.
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The Revelation

The Book of Revelation gathers together all of the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments in chronological order. This commentary, assisted by charts and graphics will simplify what some writers have made a complicated book.

When interpreted literally, allowing the Bible to provide its own meaning to symbols, we have a logical and clear view of things that will quickly come to pass in the last days.

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Eternity to Eternity

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Beyond the Grave

This book briefly traces what men have believed about the unknown, unseen world into which they pass after death. It also examines what individuals in the Bible believed about life after death, beginning with Adam, Enoch, Job, Abraham

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Tongues Shall Cease

***Updated Print Copy Available as of February 2018***

The practice of speaking in Charismatic tongues has divided Christians and been the subject of controversy in the Church ever since the practice began about 1900. Two issues arise; the first is whether the modern tongues experience agrees with the experience of the early Church as described in the New Testament, and the second is whether the sign gifts ceased with the passing of the Apostolic Age.

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